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Do you want to be fully informed on retail rents?

Discover how much your competitors pay!

What if there was a place that had all the information that you needed to create a level playing field? What if you can find an easy to use, ready to download data service that gave you everything you wanted to know about competitive retail rents?

Imagine how good it feels to know that you're making the right decision because you took the time to invest in the right tools, which gives you the power to negotiate with confidence.

As a retail property professional you know that your decisions are only as good as the tools and information that you have at hand.

With Leasing Information Systems you can instantaneously::

  • Discover how much your competitors pay
  • Uncover rentals per m2 in your centre and category
  • Reveal new market opportunities
  • Learn how you can manage your retail property portfolio easily
    and effortlessly whilst saving thousands

So if paying the right retail rent is important to you:
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